Thursday, September 24, 2009

More conferences featuring Robot Framework

Before the summer I wrote about conferences I was going to talk about Robot Framework or Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) using it. Most of those conferences are already in the past and the feedback has been pretty positive. It seems that the number of users is growing steadily and a lot of that is probably due to these presentations.

Here's an updated list of the conferences somehow featuring Robot Framework that are still ahead this year.

PyCon India 2009

- 26th-27th September, Bengaluru, India

Sai Venkatakrishnan gives a talk titled Driving Development using Examples - A Robot Framework Approach. The talk looks very interesting, and because the conferences looks also good otherwise and is pretty cheap, I highly recommend this to all Robot Framework users in Bengaluru.

Agile Testing Days

- 12th-14th October, Berlin, Germany

As I already wrote earlier, I will give Introduction to Robot Framework talk with pretty self explaining content. A bigger news is that Elisabeth Hendrickson uses Robot Framework in her Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in Practice tutorial.

Agile Testing Days has a really good speaker lineup and I'm really looking forward to it myself. As a speaker I got these discount codes to share with you: SPEAKERSTUT010 gives 10% discount for the tutorials and SPEAKERCON020 20% for the conference.

Scandinavian Agile Conference 2009

- 15th-16th October, Helsinki, Finland

Juha Rantanen and Janne Härkönen and I organize similar Executable Requirements in Practice workshop/presentation we did at XP 2009 conference. For more information see

Scan-Agile is a local conference for me but you cannot really tell that from the excellent international speakers list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pekka,

Glad to see you are at Agile Testing Days. I'll be along too. Hopefully I'll be able to catch your presentation.


Pekka Klärck said...

Hi Rob, I'm really looking forward to Agile Testing Days. Lot of interesting talks/tutorials packed for three days and many great people participating. See you in Berlin!

regis_desgroppes said...

A call for papers is in progress for XP 2010 in Trondheim, Norway:
But I mean you already knew that.